Our Story

Pearl & Hart provides a unique shopping experience

by offering an amazing selection of women’s clothing & accessories accompanied by a licensed coffeehouse (we hope you get the chance to visit our brick & mortar located in the Drumheller Valley for the full experience!) We aim to help you enhance your personal style by offering everyday options as well as those, chic -nobody else has- pieces to feel extra special!

The inspiration behind the name comes from the Canadian born outlaw of the Wild West, Pearl Hart, who was known for her trailblazing attitude and determination to break traditional stereotypes in all aspects of her life.

The most notable story of Pearl Hart was when she robbed a stagecoach to obtain enough money to return home to her mother who had become unwell. Soon after the robbery Pearl was arrested and when she was being tried in court, she demanded to be treated the same as her male counterpart would be in the same situation. Her stance, uncommon for that time in history, evoked a large public following and her admirers began calling her the “Bandit Queen” to show their support.


represents confidence, breaking stereotypes, encouraging inclusivity, celebrating who you are and embracing what you believe in.


is a reminder to live listening to what makes us feel good, vitalized, energized, balanced, rejuvenated, and healthy, both physically and emotionally. It means surrounding ourselves with people who nourish our souls, build us up, and make us want to be the best we can be. Simply put, “live from the hart”.

Pearl and Hart is a safe place for everyone to feel confident embracing their personal style,

to feel proud of who they are and to feel encouraged to live their desired way of life!

We are beyond thankful for all your support and for being here on this journey!